The registration process for WHO 2020 will happen in three stages. We ask for a designated delegation leader to manage each delegation’s registration on behalf of all delegation members and to be in charge of all communication with the organizers.

Independent adjudicators can register here until November 30th.

Stage 1

Register teams and judges by Nov 1st.

During Stage 1, delegation leaders are required to submit general information about their delegation, including the number of teams and judges attending WHO 2020. Please be aware that you will be required to submit details on your delegate members and cover the delegation’s registration fees during Stage 2.

All information has to be submitted through this form. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stage 1 registration ends on November 1st.

Stage 2

Provide details on your delegates and cover the fees until Nov 15th.

During Stage 2, delegation leaders will have to submit delegation details, including all debaters, judges and their judging experience, and cover the delegation’s registration fees. A delegation’s registration is complete once all relevant information is submitted and registration fees covered.

Delegations looking to register more than 3 teams will have all surplus teams waitlisted until after the Stage 2 deadline and will receive confirmation about additional team spots in case there are team spots left. Stage 2 deadline is November 15th.

Stage 3

Extra teams and late registrations by Nov 29th.

Stage 3 opens in case there are still team spots left after Stage 2 and is relevant only for delegations looking to register more than 3 teams and late registrations. Delegation leaders who registered more than 3 teams during Stage 2 will recieve an e-mail informing them about any remaining spots. Any remaining spots will be evenly distributed among interested delegations. If even distribution is not possible, the priority will be given to delegations registered earlier.

Stage 3 deadline is November 29th.

If you’re looking to register teams, please get in touch in order to confirm if there are any spots available.

All delegations are required to register as many adjudicators as there are teams (N=1 rule). In exceptional cases (ex. a limited number of single teams that cannot provide any judges at all), an additional fee of 50€ applies. All such teams need to contact the organizers at

Bear in mind that all debaters have to be enrolled in secondary level education at the time of the tournament and that all adjudicators must be at least 18 years old and have completed secondary level education by the start of the tournament.

The registration fee is 20€ per debater. Within 48 hours of completing Stage 2 registration, delegation leaders will receive an invoice containing payment instructions.

We are unable to refund fees for any changes made after November 28th (14 days before the tournament).

All currently available details can be found on our website and in our 2020 invitation letter.