Train for WHO is our 3 day training program taking place right before the tournament. During the training debaters are debating in practice rounds and working with experienced coaches in order to develop their presentation skills and learn more about debating. Debaters participating in the program go through 24 hours of lectures, workshops and practice debate rounds.

Train for WHO takes place at University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry,┬áthe only faculty and the leading scientific institution in the Republic of Croatia dedicated to educating pharmacy and medical biochemistry experts (Master of Pharmacy and Master of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Medicine). The main aim of the Faculty is to promote science, to provide students with first-class education in the field of pharmacy and medical biochemistry, and to improve the health through education of contemporary health professionals working in the healthcare system, public health sector and research institutions.

We’re truly grateful for their recognition of the importance of debate-related activities in Croatia and their continued support.