Visas 2018-11-08T16:13:58+00:00

The visa application procedure for Winter Holidays Open 2018 as outlined by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found here.

Visa invitation letters are generated through our online registration system.

Once you log into your registration account, you have to mark all the delegates that need a visa to enter Croatia. You can mark the delegates individually under the “Debaters” and “Adults” tabs by editing each delegate’s profile and clicking “yes” for “Do they need a visa?”. Once all delegates that need visas are marked, open the “Visa letter” tab. All marked delegates will show up there. Fill in and save all required information. When done, you can request a visa invitation letter.

Please allow for a few days after you finalized your registration before you receive an invitation letter for your delegation from Croatian Debate Society. The letters are issued if all relevant information is provided, a payment for the delegation has been made and an accommodation site has been assigned for the delegation requesting the letter.