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There are 3 options for your accommodation in Zagreb before, during and after the tournament. You can choose between hostel accommodation and  3* hotel accommodation. Alternatively, you can to book accommodation on your own, but please make sure you do it quick – accommodation during Advent in Zagreb gets booked fast.

The participation fee covers accommodation (if selected), participation and meals from December 13th to December 15th. Lunch and dinner will be provided at the tournament, and are included in the fee (dinner on the 13th, lunch and dinner on the 14th, lunch on the 15th) for everyone participating or observing. Breakfast is included in the fee and is served at hostels/hotels.

Please bear in mind that your accommodation is not confirmed until you create your invoice and pay 50% of your delegation’s total registration fee until 31st of October, 2019. You can create your invoice under the ”Costs’ tab on the left in the registrations app. Once we confirm your invoice, it will become available for download under the “Costs” tab.

WHO is a large tournament and organized in December which is high season in Zagreb. To illustrate, 98% of rooms listed on Booking were booked during WHO 2017. Please keep in mind that it’s possible for our pre-booked accommodation to be exhausted even before the registration deadline due to high demand. Additionally, we are not in the position to guarantee accommodation for additional delegation members or teams seeking to register after the deadline.

Due to high demand and limited accommodation, single rooms are subject to availability, so the ones we have at our disposal will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.



Debaters 95 €
Adjudicators 75 €
Observers 115 €


Extra night 25 € (per night)


Debaters 145 €
Adjudicators 120 €
Observers 165 €


Extra night 40 € per night
Single room* 30 € per night


Debaters 65 €
Adjudicators 55 €
Observers 75 €

The participation fees for independent adjudicators are the same as the ones for debaters in every category.

Extra days can be easily arranged with surcharges listed above. Fees for extra nights cover accommodation and breakfast.

Delegations that cannot meet the N-1 rule* are required to cover the own accommodation adjudicator participation fee (55€) for every judge they cannot provide to meet the rule.

Delegations will be required to pay at least 50% of their registration fees by October 31st and the fees in full by November 30th, 2018. 

Once your registration is complete, you’ll receive a document containing payment instructions. Please note that teams are responsible for any bank transfer charges which may apply when they make the payment to WHO 2019. Delegations with outstanding transaction fees will be required to cover the costs upon arrival to the tournament venue.  50% of the fee will be refundable up to November 15th, 2019. After November 15th, a 100% cancellation fee applies to all registered teams.

*We are observing the N-1 rule, which means every participating delegation is required to register at least one judge less than the number of teams they’re registering (i.e. 1 team/1 judge or observer, 2 teams/ 1 judge, 3 teams/ 2 judges, etc.) If you’re having trouble finding an adult to accompany you or adjudicate for your team, please contact us and we’ll try to find a solution.