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Winter Holidays Open is an international World Schools tournament for high school students. This year’s tournament will be the 6th of it’s kind in Zagreb, Croatia.

Winter Holidays Open started as a small regional tournament organized by Croatian Debate Society with a goal of providing affordable international debate experience for debaters from the region. With 32 teams from Slovenia, Romania, Germany, Bosnia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Croatia, first WHO took place in 2013. Several years of hard work, participant feedback and help from our great friends and Chief Adjudicators Geetha Creffield, Bojana Skrt and Alfred Snider, the tournament grew to hosting 96 teams in 2016, with debaters and adjudicators from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey and USA.

Due to the size of the tournament, in 2017 we introduced the Novice break, an opportunity for novice teams to experience the excitement (and stress) of elimination rounds. All teams at the tournament will debate 6 preliminary rounds as usual, but there will be a separate break with best 16 non-novice and best 4 novice teams coming out of the preliminary rounds.

Our Chief Adjudicators for 2018 are Marija Jarnjak (Croatia) and Geetha Creffield (Singapore).